ademán adalia


Aged in French oak barrel - 13,5% Vol.

Long life and prosperity, with wine always present as the food of our stories. The essence of the terroir enclosed in this elegant and aromatic Verdejo, matured in its own lees and aged for two months in French oak barrels.

Clean, limpid yellow with glints of green colour. Medium intense aroma, touched by complex fennel and roasted herbaceous notes on the nose. Broad, silky and heart-warming acidity with exquisite balance and elegance on the palate. Rich and smooth with a long finish and slightly bitter aftertaste characteristic of verdejo grapes.

An ideal accompaniment to salads, rice, brie, fish, pasta dishes, grilled vegetables, white meats and chocolate covered berries. It is also a perfect partner of Japanese and Thai food.

These wines are ready for drinking now but may potentially be cellared for approximately 2 years under optimum conditions (16 °C) at 70-80% relative humidity, at a constant temperature. Optimum drinking temperature is 4-10 °C.

Night hand-picking harvest in craters follow by cold maceration for two months with its lees and then aged for two months in a light toasted new French oak barrels.

Goblet vines with an average age of 30 years from the wine-growing boundary of Adalia in Toro which is a sandy soil with some pebbles. Low yield around 4000 Kg / Ha.